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Discovering Lake Como

Isola Comacina

The Comacina Island, located in the inlet of the Como branch of Lake Como, is the strip of land further north in Italy, where, thanks to the particular temperature, it is possible to grow olive trees from which it is produced then the olive 'oil.

The island, located in the municipality of Osuccio, is a specific and well-known tourist attraction for those who are, for shopping or leisure, on Lake Como.

Holidays striking is the feast of St. John, June 24 where the opportunity is the solemn procession of boats that culminates in the fireworks on the lake.

The Island Comacina offers important insights for a thorough examination: a rich archaeological palimpsest, the building of civil Roman imperial period, the period Late Ancient Tower, the Baptistery of San Giovanni Battista, the Early Christian basilica and then Romanesque Sant'Eufemia , the excursions on the lake ...