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Discovering Lake Como

The balcony of the Prealpi

Brunate, a small village overlooking the city of Como, is located 716 meters above sea level, on a wooded plateau.

The cable-car and a paved road allow all tourists to the village in a few minutes.

For nature lovers Brunate offers the opportunity to make beautiful walks leading to M. Boletto (d. 1236) and M. Bolettone (d. 1317), and refreshment breaks at the many shelters. From Como to Brunate, nestled in the woods, is the Hermitage of San Donato, founded by the Benedictines, the Franciscans sold in the fifteenth century and was abolished in 1772. Inside is a carved wooden altar (1500), contemporary frescoes and statues in terracotta.

In the hamlet of San Martino is the Volta Lighthouse, built in 1927, as the eponymous Temple. The tower is 29 meters high and at night, the light is visible to fifty miles away. Also in the village of San Martino, is the Church of St. Andrew, which was restored in the nineteenth century, eighteenth-century frescoes of GP Recchi, memories of the Blessed Magdalene Albricci and the legendary Santa Guglielma, as well as paintings, attributed to De Passeri.